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If you’ve visited Rosby, you’ll know our grounds feature a huge collection of sculptures that are dotted around the gardens and gallery. We are lucky to have great relationships with so many talented Australian artists who choose to exhibit their work with us. 


The collection you see at Rosby include works that artists have delivered to us to exhibit, a range of sculptures still available to purchase from the annual Sculptures in the Garden exhibition, and some that we have purchased for permanent exhibition because they hold deep significance. 


There are three works which we often receive questions about in particular, which fall into the last category. They aren’t labelled or marked for sale because we have chosen to include them in our landscape permanently. However, given how intriguing they are, it makes sense that we share information about their origins and significance.

Rosby wines entrance sculpture

Antediluvian by Gavin Roberts

Cyprus pine, Galvanised Steel, Cement Sheet
240 x 120cm

“Archaic, old-fashioned relationship, the biblical fall of Man and Woman representing relationships after the flame has died leaving the solitude of two forms standing the test of time. Antediluvian is a piece relatable to all and a testament to that one thing that is said to always prevail, ‘love’.” – Gavin Roberts 


This piece stands tall at the entrance to the Rosby Sculpture Garden, powerful in presence and meaning. The two figures represent old age. A pair who have spent a life growing together and what that means in the end, to know what is going to happen, what their partner will become and what they may look like. When only skin and bone is left after so many years together, love will prevail.

Rosby Sculpture in the garden Mowgee & Mullian– Laurent Rivory

Mowgee & Mullian by Laurent Rivory 


65 x 55 x 50cm

“This sculpture of a local Mowgee woman and her totem animal (wedge-tailed eagle) conveys the animistic spirituality of the custodians of the land: humans are on equal footing to nature – made from similar elements with fates intertwined.” – Laurent Rivory


Gerry and Kay have a mutual understanding about the importance of this piece: representing the women of Mudgee and their proud history. Evoking thoughts about the power of tribalism in today’s world, Mowgee symbolises a woman from Mudgee while Mowgee, a Wedge-tailed eagle, is her sidekick.

Lotus Flower – Michael Ferris. A water feature at Sculptures in the Garden Mudgee

Lotus Flower by Michael Ferris 


170 x 100 x 60cm

“Focusing on the beautiful form and nature of the lotus flower and lily pad, I was able to create a stunning contemporary water feature. Whilst reaching up trying to capture every last bit of sun, each stem cascades water downwards creating soothing music.” – Michael Ferris


This piece holds special meaning to Kay Norton-Knight, as it was gifted to her by Gerry Norton-Knight. Kay is a big fan of Ferris’, and his approach of using all previously used materials to create his pieces. 


When Gerry was asked about the significance of Lotus Flower to him, hilariously, he didn’t remember gifting it to Kay.  Gerry’s appreciation for the piece in Rosby’s permanent collection comes from the tranquility it brings.

Emily the Wedge Tailed Eagle by Chris Anderson Eucalyptus drop wood sculpture

Emily the Wedge Tailed Eagle by Chris Anderson

Eucalyptus drop wood
222 x 170 x 300cm

‘Emily the Wedge Tailed Eagle takes one last almighty flap of her wings as she carefully stretches out her talons to perch on the tree stump for what will be a well earned rest after flying for hours.’ – Chris Anderson

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