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  • Rosby Mud Hut 122 Strikes Lane Eurunderee, NSW, 2850 Australia (map)


WHEN:  9.30am-4.00pm, Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th October 2019
WHERE: Rosby Mud Hut, 122 Strikes Lane, Eurunderee MUDGEE
COST: $235 per student. Includes complimentary lunch with Rosby Wines
TEACHER: Peter Griffen

Widely regarded as the golden age of American art, Abstract Expressionism emerged in the 40s and flourished in the 50s, offering freedom of expression for artists such as Pollock and de Kooning who dared to reinvent the wheel, and painting as we knew it. The use of richly coloured canvases, collaging, scraping, splashing, glazing and other such techniques was highly encouraged.

Peter Griffen’s upcoming Abstract Expressionism workshop aims to encapsulate this approach to art in a bubbly, creative and supportive setting. With no images in mind, marks will be made, colours put down, shapes created and lines taken for a walk. There will be total freedom to express oneself in non or semi representative ways. Demonstrations will be made and participants will be free to proceed at their own pace, pursuing their own ideas, with individual help to be provided as needed. This workshop has been carefully curated to ensure the experience is a truly unique and immersive one, one that challenges convention and leaves you feeling inspired to push yourself creatively.

The workshop offers the ultimate wine and food experience. By building a range of other cultural delights into the workshop, Rosby aspires to offer you a truly holistic experience. This includes paddock-to-plate style dining set against a romantic and utterly breathtaking backdrop. You’ll feel very much at one with nature in Rosby’s gorgeously rustic mud hut. Perched upon a hill overlooking the picturesque vineyard, you’ll also be treated to an exclusive wine tasting with the vigneron followed by a walking tour of the vines. Accommodation in Rosby’s charming hilltop guesthouse is an optional addition well worth looking into and will certainly complete this refined country escape.

The workshop caters to all levels of artistic experience, from beginners wanting to try their hand at something new and have a bit of fun, to proficient artists intending to further develop their skillset. This workshop is not trying to convert people to abstraction, but instead hoping participants are helped to find their own individual way of working.


Peter Griffen was carefully handpicked by the team at Rosby. He is a highly experienced and accomplished artist, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and an exceptional learning environment. Peter’s passion for the arts is contagious and his determination to impart knowledge in an engaging, fun, interactive and supportive setting sets him apart.

The art of Peter Griffen is influenced as much by the classical painting of the Renaissance as by the serendipity of abstract expressionism. Indigenous art from different parts of the world (in particular Australia) and its relationship to the natural landscape influence his work also, producing powerful abstract images that speak from the past. Peter Griffen's manifesto says that he believes that to make discoveries risks have to be taken and the traveller must get lost. He says a well planned journey can only lead to an already known destination. And at some stage the painting must go out of control.Secure your place in this new and highly anticipated art adventure and prepare to unleash your creativity, freeing the artist within!


·       Acrylic Paint     (smaller amounts are OK): White 500ml, Black 250ml, “Warm” yellow 250ml, “Cool” yellow 250ml, “Warm” red 250ml, “Cool” red 250ml, “Warm” blue 250ml, “Cool” blue 250ml, (Pthalo green, Dioxine purple and Orange, if possible)          

·       Derivan polymer gloss varnish 500ml                       

·       Brushes: A range of very fine to broad(6cm approx)

·       Paper: At least 20 sheets of cartridge paper, approx. 60x40 cm

·       Other: Spatula, Bucket, Small plastic containers, Rags and/or paper towels, Scissors and/or Stanley knife

 Extras  (not compulsory)

Anything else that you wish to use such as:

Found objects, old magazines, etc., for collage

Other acrylic paints, Pencils, Artist paper, Charcoal, Canvases, tape, Small paint rollers, Crayons, Mouth atomizer, Pastel, Trowel, Pens and inks, Modelling compound, Gesso

Limited numbers per workshop. Book in early to secure your place.

Some of the above materials list will be available for purchase at the workshop.

Additional; Easels & stools are provided, but if you have a special seat the bring that. If you have your own portable (collapsible) side table that may help also. Drink bottle, hat & sunscreen. We will be working under cover, but partly out of doors.

For more information contact Kay Norton-Knight 0428 635 993

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